(Nowadays, visit us in six months and methodologies may have changed according to the challenges we might be facing)


We created a bespoke ad-hoc program for an English school based around: The current social context, general trends in education and what the students needs (Human Centered Approach).

We also built the communication strategy to advertise it built on the student’s insights.


We were tasked with uncovering the non-user habits of a brand, but beyond that that, we learned to select the most valuable information to respond to the business objective.

We tend to want to tell every little finding we have but that can sometimes cloud the overall message, perhaps something’s can be more useful when left in the background as backup information, can’t they?

We have also learned the advantages of being clear and concise through the Pecha Kucha 20×20 format. Have you tried it yet?


We diagnosed the current status of a well-known children’s brand and realized that just because something is currently selling, doesn’t necessarily mean that the brand is healthy.

We identified the need for them to refresh their communication territory early in the consultancy process helping to avoid an unnecessary outlay on research to uncover something that was plainly obvious; allowing a more effective use of their budget


We worked on creating the strategy for how a well-known beverage brand can partner with Football in a credible way.

Inspired by worldwide case studies and trends, we found different approaches that suit different audiences as well as novel opportunities within that to monetize the relationship in the industry.


We built a communicational strategy to place a social topic on the national agenda based on persuasion techniques we learned from key opinion leaders from the field of communication. We learned that in order to do so successfully, sometimes the importance of the messenger is even more relevant than the message itself.


On an employer brand building process, we found that large and complex organizations tend to be very hierarchical, and positions that serve as bridges between levels must be extremely effective in communicating how the overall strategy can be transformed into successful execution; otherwise the whole chain of command can become fractured and collapse.


We have created the digital architecture of a recognized brand, bringing human centered insights into life, turning them into a successful digital ecosystem