With the purpose of complying with the Federal Law of Personal Data Protection in ´Possession of Third Parties and other applicable dispositions (henceforth LFPDPPP) , De la Riva Investigación Estratégica, S.C. (henceforth De la Riva), located at Barranca del Muerto número 348, Colonia Guadalupe Inn, Código Postal 01020, Delegación Alvaro Obregón in MéxicoCity, Mex.l, hereby gives notice that it is responsible for the use and protection of your personal data,and has the legal and ethical obligation of complying with the security measures for protecting such collected data.

The personal data which will be voluntarily collected from you will be useful for identifying you in accordance with your participation indicated in the following table, in which the purpose for recollecting ,and the use of your data will be disclosed as well . In the event of transferring such data you will be informed of the purpose of the transferrence of such data.


Participants in group sessions and interviews (interviewee,respondents or informer, recruiter, moderator).


Name, address, age home and work telephone number and/or mobile number, e mail, civil status, gender, date and place of birth names of relatives, dependents, beneficiaries, Federal Tax Payer Code (RFC); Population Registry Key(CURP), professional data such as occupation, education, position, area or department, address, work e mail, work and personal references, academic background. The elaboration of market studies, registrations, information of statistics and analysis of diverse topics.

The elaboration of reports and statistic and market analysis.

The elaboration of opinion surveys regarding products, goods, services, people, brands, commercial names or any other topic for which we may request your point of view.

To comply with the contractual obligations which we assume with our clients.

To contact you with the purpose of participating in group sessions, in depth interviews and/or ethnographic interviews as a participant (interviewee, respondent, recruiter, or moderator).

To contact you via e mail to invite you to participate with your opinion regarding diverse themes for the elaboration of market studies.

In some cases, besides the afore mentioned personal data, for the disclosed purposes in this privacy notice we could recollect the following personal data considered as sensitive, which require special protection :racial or ethnical origin, present, past and future health status

Additionally we will use your personal information to contact you and send you relevant information regarding diverse topics as well as for marketing, advertising, or commercial prospecting. In the event   of you not wanting your personal data to be used for these additional purposes , at this very moment you can communicate this by sending the corresponding request to

Partnerships in the market research area and partnerships which are part of the Business Units of the afore mentioned, commercially known as De la Riva Group, of which Auditor Service, S.C., and Lemon Ice Casos Cuantitativos, S.C. form a part of (both in the market research area) as well as subsidiaries, affiliates and/or controlled companies within national or foreign territories and are transferred for the same purposes that are indicated in this process.

De la Riva Investigación Estratégica, S.C. for the purpoe of complying with the Service Standards of Market Research in Mexico (ESIMM), and all other rules of the Asociación Mexicana de Agencias de Investigación y Opinión Pública, A.C. (AMAI), the data may be tranferred to this association.

Persons that apply as candidates to a position in De la Riva (Job pool).

Once your information is received it will be handled exclusively by De la Riva personnel responsible for personnel and recruitment processes.

Curriculum Vitae

Work Application.

Name, address, age, home and work phone numbers and / or cell phone number, e mail, civil status, date and place of birth, professional data such as occupation, education, position, area or department , address, work e mail, work references and academi8c record.

To know the candidates and their level of knowledge, areas of experience, work experience, place of residence, with the purpose of defining whether you are a viable candidate for the position within the company.


The candidate information can be transferred to::

Partnerships in the Market Research area and partnerships which form part of the Business Units of the afore mentioned and commercially known as De la Riva Group, of which Auditor Service, S.C., y Lemon Ice Casos Cuantitativos, S.C. (both in the market research area) are part of. As well as subsidiary companies, affiliates and or controlling companies within national and foreign territory for the purposes disclosed in this process..

Asociación Mexicana de Agencias de Investigación y Opinión Pública, A.C. (AMAI). With the finality of complying with the Service Standard of Market Research in Mexico (ESIMM), and other AMAI rules.

Once tour information is received it is handled exclusively by De la Riva employees in charge of the Human Resources area.


The personal data that we can collect from you voluntarily, based on the existing working relationship is: Full name, copy of official identification, (passport, voting card, professional ID) ; age, birth date, copy of birth certificate,   , address, , proof of residence, (electric, telephone or property tax receipts) or military service card(if applicable);civil status, copy of migratory documentation ( if applicable); e mail, private telephone number, work phone number, cell phone number, copy of tax payer registration form, , copy of population registration form(CURP) Social Security number; copy of the card of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social; School certificates or proof of education, certificates or proof of language skills; ,salary perceptions and deductions; copy of registration, release or modification of salary in the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS); copy of proof of perceptions from last place of work,; Photographs; personal references; emergency contacts; information related to beneficiaries or economic dependents, which can include full name, birth date, and other ID information such as copies of economic dependent ’birth certificates; curriculum vitae, copy of affiliation to AFORE; copy of mortgage credits (INFONAVIT),letters of recommendation, and/or any other documentation related with the existing work relation between De la Riva and the employee.

We could also collect and handle the following sensitive personal information: health status: allergies, and blood type.

To comply with the obligations derived from the existing work relation, as well as personnel management;;create personnel records, personnel medical records, payment and administration of payroll, payment of salaries and benefits, bonuses, reimbursements, pensions, insurance and others, Insurance contracts, documentation and control of computer and communications assets; internal audits,; creation of work e mail accounts; elaboration of business directory,; the assignation of work tools, assignation of passwords and codes, The insurance of complying with confidentiality obligations and other work related obligations; verification of personal and job references; contact relatives, economic dependents and/or beneficiaries in case of an emergency.

Likewise, if you do not object, De la Riva will handle your personal data needed for secondary purposes related with the improvement and advancement of a better working environment (such as the dissemination of congratulations and other celebrations and special days).

Information may be transferred to bank institutions only for the purpose of depositing salaries.
Suppliers and /or clients Name, ,home address, fiscal address, taxpayer registration (RFC) and invoice data including bank account numbers.


Carry out your registration as a supplier or client and comply with the obligations derived from the judicial obligations existing between you and De la Riva; preparing orders, service requests, commercial evaluations, quotations, and any pre- contractual activity; probe of business management linked with the provided products and services. Your personal data will not be transferred.

The recipients of such data will be subject to what is established in this Privacy Notice. We will not transfer your personal information to third parties without your consent, except in foreseen exceptions in article 37 of the LFPDPPP, as well as making this transfer in the terms that this law dictates.


The titleholder can deny their consent to share their information via e mail at :

You have the right to know the personal data in our possession, what we use it for and the conditions of use that we give it (Access) It is your right as well to request the correction of your personal data in the event of not being updated, incomplete or inaccurate (Rectification); that it be eliminated from our records or data bases when you consider that it is not being used according to the principles, duties and obligations provided for in this legislation (Cancelation); as well as oppose the use of their personal data for specific purposes(Opposition) These rights ae known as ARCO.


To exercise any of these ARCO rights, you can present the respective request via e mail at: or you should present the corresponding request along with a document which can verify your identity, indicating your address and/or e mail in order to communicate the reply to your request , power of attorney accompanied by an official ID signed before two witnesses who should also attach their official identification, directly in our address with the person in charge of information, Héctor Dalloz, from Monday to Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to18:00 p.m.


You should present your written request, clearly requiring access, rectification, cancellation or opposition of your personal data providing your address or e mail through which the reply to your request will be communicated, containing a detailed and precise description of the personal data to which you are referring. In the event of requesting rectification of data, it will be necessary for you to provide the new information which will replace or complement the previous data.


De la Riva will respond in a period of no more than 20(twenty) work days whether your request will proceed or not. Where warranted you must make it effective within the following 15 (quince) worki9ng days. Likewise, according to the applicable legal dispositions. De la Riva will have the right to extend the afore mentioned periods only once, with justification.


De la Riva will give the reply to your request in the indicated time period through the e mail you provide. De la Riva will deliver electronic copies of the supports in which your personal data is stored.


You can revoke the consent which you have granted for the handling of your personal data. However, it is important to take into account that we cannot attend your requests or conclude the use of your data immediately, because it is possible that due to a legal obligation we are required ti continue handling your personal data.


In order to revoke your consent, you should make your request via an e mail to: or you should present the corresponding request along with a document verifying your identity , power of attorney or proxy statement accompanied by your official identification signed in the presence two witnesses who should also attach their official identification directly to our address with the person in charge of information, Héctor Dalloz,,from Monday to Thursday from 11:00 p.m. a 18:00 p.m.


De la Riva will respond in the same time periods that apply to the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancelation or opposition , which are established in this Privacy Notice

We inform you that we use cookies, web beacons and other technologies through which it is possible to monitor your behavior as an internet user, as well as to offer you better service and user experience when navigating our web site.

The personal data we obtain from these tracking technologies are the following: the type of operative navigator system you use, the Internet sites you visit previously and after entering the De la Riva web site; the links you follow and the time spent on our site, your IP address, and the place from which you visit us and navigation statistics.

The configuration of your equipment can accept cookies automatically but if you prefer,, you can modify the configuration of your equipment to reject cookies. If you choose to reject the cookies, it will not be possible for De la Riva to store your preferences on our site..


All of the provided personal data will be found duly protected through secure, physical, , administrative and technological methods preventing the use or dissemination of your personal data.


The present Privacy Notice can go through modifications or actualizations derived from new legal requirements; of our own needs regarding products or services that we offer; of our privacy practices, of business model changes, or due to other causes. We commit ourselves to keeping you informed regarding the changes that can occur in the present privacy notice through our web site

In the event that you consider that your right of personal data protection has been violated due to the improper handling you can present your corresponding complaint or claim in the Instituto Federal de Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos (IFAI), for more information visit