SURVIVOR, survival diary for when it is all over. Chapter 3

Chapter 3. Owners of our routine

We are all paralyzed with fear and uncertainty, Italy and Spain have surpassed China in deaths caused by the virus; Prince Charles of England has tested positive for Covid-19, Mexico has entered phase 2 of the pandemic.

Everyday there are different scenarios in which the only thing for certain is that it will all be over and we will have to pick ourselves up and get out of this, without excuses. Because in the face of such a turnaround, we can only assume ourown risks and changes, because that is the greatest advantage of a crisis.

An example of how everything is changing is home office, but companies know there are risks that go beyond ceasing to be productive; the risk is in us taking control, in finishing our tasks in two hours and being able to enjoy ourselves, to enjoy our lives, our family, our homes… Would it affect them?

¿Yes, it would be a revolution!

And we would all begin to assume that things are different, that we cannot go on with our activities intact trying to protect them and changing them only on the surface.

We need to take our reality, understand it and attack it radically, not as a society but as individuals.


We don’t know yet, but we visualize a path that could help us obtain a positive outcome from all of this.


The first scene of change, a paralyzing and uncertain moment. We don’t know what to do, what to say nor to whom and how to proceed. Everything continues to surprise us and the only thing we have is the DESIRE of all of this to come to an end or for everything to remain as we knew it.


We exercise precautions, we take super radical positions: we are ultra-informed and we try to have a reason for everything, or in isolation we make panic purchases to feel safe, any one of these two postures capitalize PROPOSALS that in the end make us safe.


We begin to adapt to this new rhythm, with optimism and creativity. We manage our time perfectly, we begin to experiment with what we have and we create our own SOLUTIONS that day by day validate our control. It’s not going to be easy to reach this point, but the faster we get through this process, the more solutions there will be.


In the post crisis, there will be a resilient provocation to build something really different, making DECISIONS to actually take action.

It is too soon to know the end of the story and if we will all reach the climax, but we can begin to identify in which stage of the path we are at and take everything prospectively. Let’s accept that the virus can also bring us positive things: Up to now it has conceded us control and it is starting to open possibilities; now it’s all in our trenches.